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HAKONE XVIII – 18th International Symposium on High Pressure Low Temperature Plasma Chemistry

1 septembre - 6 septembre

The eighteenth HAKONE – International Symposium on High Pressure Low Temperature Plasma Chemistry will be organized by the Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Padova in Abano Terme (Padova), Italy, during September 1 – 6, 2024.
The HAKONE symposia are biannual international conferences started in Hakone (Japan) in 1987 and devoted to the fundamentals and applications of non-thermal plasmas and their chemistry at elevated pressures.

HAKONE brings together scientists and engineers from academia and industry working on fundamental and applied aspects of high pressure and low temperature plasma chemistry. The symposium aims to connect established subjects such as ozone synthesis, basic oxidants generation, water treatment and environmental protection to emerging fields such as biomedical applications, micro-plasmas and new materials.

Conference Topics
T01.  Fundamentals, Modelling and Diagnostics
T02.  Environmental and Energy Applications
T03.  Biomedical Applications
T04.  Surface and Material Science and Technology
T05.  Miscellaneous


Début :
1 septembre
Fin :
6 septembre
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Alexander Palace Hotel via Martiri d'Ungheria 24
Abano Terme, Italie
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