Microwave Induced Plasmas (MIPs): from fundamentals to technological applications

Rocío Rincón Liévana

Laboratoire d’Innovation des Plasmas, Univ. de Cordoba, Espagne

Ce webséminaire a eu lieu en direct le 21 Mars 2023 à 14h00 depuis le laboratoire PROMES-CNRS.

Microwave induced plasmas (MIPs) are non-thermal electrodeless plasmas which can operate in a wide range of experimental conditions. Non-thermal property results in lower power requirements for creating and maintaining the discharge and increase the plasma capability to induce physical and chemical reactions within gases at relatively low temperatures. Besides, MIPs show high stability and reproducibility while working at atmospheric pressure which simplifies the implementation of this technology on an industrial scale. All these outstanding characteristics make MIPs to be utilized in many technological applications in fields like energy or materials, among others.  In this seminar, the research carried out in the Laboratory of Innovation in Plasmas at the University of Córdoba is going to be presented.
At the laboratory of Innovation in Plasmas, we follow two main and complementary research lines which are focused on (i) studying the basis of MIPs with different plasma sources and plasma diagnosis and (ii) developing different plasma-based applications: hydrogen production, synthesis of 2D-carbon nanostructured materials, treatment of material surfaces or food preservation, among others. An overview of these research lines is going to be presented, and research perspectives highlighted.