Plasma and Laser enabled metallurgy of Nanoparticles

Alexandre Nominé (Maitre de conférence – Institut Jean Lamour – CNRS – Université de Lorraine)

Ce webséminaire a eu lieu en direct le 9 décembre 2019 à 10h00.

Increasing demand in smart, efficient and green Nanotechnology implies continuous progresses in the synthesis of always more complex Nanomaterials. Nonequilibrium processes based on Plasmas and Lasers offers unique conditions for the synthesis of metastable, alloyed, or complex Nanoparticles (NPs). If both processes are conducted at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, extreme T&P conditions are encountered locally with gradients that are hardly achievable otherwise. This presentation will describe the achievement and challenges in process diagnostics with the objective to identify which process parameters are of importance for the NP synthesis. An insight of the variety of NPs formed by plasmas and lasers will be shown and finally examples of applications for nano-optics and nanophotonics will be given.